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Meeting 1
  Agenda (Word)
  Summary of HK2010 Disparities Data-Related Work (Word)
  Impact of Disparities Data-Related Issues on 10 Leading Health Indicators (Word)
  Disparities Data Planning and Discussion Framework (Word)
  Meeting 1 Notes and Discussion Board
Meeting 2
  Agenda (Word)
  Meeting 1 Summary (Word)
  Meeting 2 Notes and Discussion Board
Final Materials
  Action Group Summary (Word)
Reference Materials
  Dr. Williams Minority Health Conference Presentation (pdf)
  Racial and Ethnic Minority Health Disparities Data and Chartbook (pdf)
  HP2010: Health Status of People with Disabilities (web)
  Toolkit for Healthcare Institutions Collecting Race, Ethnicity, and Primary Language Information (web)
  Community Solutions to Health Disparities Database (web)

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