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Workgroup Information
  Workgroup Charge (Word)
  Workgroup Members (pdf)
Meeting 1
  Agenda (Word)
  Workgroup Guiding Principles (Word)
  Overview of Healthy Kansans 2010 Process (PowerPoint)  (pdf)
  Summary of Steering Committee Presentations (Word)
  Recommendations related to Cross-Cutting Themes (Word)
  Criteria for Selecting Recommendations (Word)
  Potential Recommendations Worksheet (Word)
Meeting 2
  Agenda (Word)
  Kansas in 2010
   (for viewing)  (for printing)
  Recommendations from Meeting 1 - Summary List (Word)
  Recommendations from Meeting 1 by Common Theme (Word)
Meeting 3
  Agenda (Word)
  Revised Recommendations by Topic Focus from Meeting 2 (Word)
  Strategies Ballot (Word)
  Suggested Action Steps (Word)
-Submitted by Nancy Jorn
  Action Plan Worksheet (Word)
  Ballot Results (Word)
Meeting 4
  Recommendations, Strategies, Potential Action Steps from Meeting 3
Final Materials
  Draft Report for Steering Committee (Word)
  Steering Committee Presentation (Powerpoint)
Reference Materials
  Maternal and Child Health Statewide Five-Year Needs Assessment (MCH2010)

If you have questions regarding Healthy Kansans 2010, please contact Paula Clayton, Office of Health Promotion, 785-296-8916 or Email:  pclayton@kdheks.gov

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