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The Healthy Kansans 2010 process yielded a set of strategies, recommendations and action steps that could impact the 10 Leading Health Indicators and improve the health of Kansans. This data query allows the user to search those recommendations by health/prevention topic and venue. The strategies, recommendations and action steps included in this data query represent a mix of evidenced-based practices/interventions, as well as, professional experiences and opinions from Healthy Kansans participants.
Health/Prevention Topics: Venues:
#  Health/Prevention  Topic  Venue  Strategy
1. DataBusiness/WorkplaceCapture all indicators needed to describe the disparate needs of the population you are serving
2. DataBusiness/WorkplaceEncourage collaboration between data resources
3. DataBusiness/WorkplaceInvest in improving your data collection and reporting capacity
4. DataBusiness/WorkplaceParticipate in state-local partnerships
5. DataBusiness/WorkplaceUse standardized data definitions

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